Monday, May 17, 2010

'Khadi Art' unveiled at Mahatma Gandhi Labour Institute

Ahmedabad: 'Khadi Art' was unveiled at the Mahatma Gandhi Labour Institute (MGLI) on Sunday, in the presence of the vice chairperson of Gandhi Smriti, Taragandhi Bhattacharjee.

The event was marked by the demonstration of an art installation made with khadi and composed by a central work of art entitled 'Khadi is not just a cloth, it is a thought', from which has originated an ensemble of clothes.
The Khadi Art has been a collective effort of Women Empowerment Corporation, Ora World Mandala and Rising Tradelink Limited (RTLL)'s brand 'bhu:sattva'. Conceptual artist from Italy, Wanda Casaril, of the Ora World Mandala, is behind the promotion and conceptualisation of the art, while 'bhu:sattva' is behind the implementation of the same.
Renowned designer Digvijay Singh, who is associated with bhu:sattva and conducts various workshops, explained the art form, "The birth of Khadi was here, and it has a direct association with freedom. Khadi represents creativity which can come only when there's freedom." When asked about the motive behind this exhibition, Singh added, "the target is to take khadi to a global audience."
Jainam Kumarpal Shah, managing director of RTLL said, "Our theme has always been ahimsa through art. A more important thing is the empowerment of women. There are many women who come here and become self-employed entrepreneurs."
"There was a myth about Khadi that the cloth is thick and cannot be worn, but it has gone bust now. These are clothes for all seasons, and there are a lot of sentiments attached to them," observed Sonia Deotto, director of Ora World Mandala.
The exhibition saw well-known personalities of the state from diverse backgrounds in presence. Lawers, doctors, academicians, senior IAS and IPS officers from Gujarat, social activists and businessmen, all came together at the MGLL.

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