Tuesday, May 25, 2010

KLue Urbanscapes 2010: Art on canvas in the KLPac foyer!

Not long to go before it's 26 June, and time for Urbanscapes 2010! We guarantee it's going to be a blast. We've got bitchin' music acts and collaborations, a bazaar chock-full of swag -- and art in various shapes and forms!
We've got something potentially awe-inspiring planned for the foyer of KLPac: a massive, 4-foot-tall continuous canvas, girding the breadth of the space! We're in the midst of confirming participating artists -- but the list looks super-exciting, so far! Check it out:
Shahril Nizam

Remember our Arts Issue, back in November 2009? Remember the awesome cover? That was Shahril Nizam's work.
Aside from minutely-detailed illustrations, Nizam is also a poet, having published a collection of verse, If Only, in 2007.

(Fulcrum, 2009)
Recently, he's visual style has evolved, dwelling on amorphous, organic charcoal/acrylic forms.
Tan Zi Hao
A visual and performance artist, actor, and arts activist, Tan Zi Hao is certainly a talented individual! Most recently, he was one of the performers at Buka Mulut, a performance art event set in a restaurant. He was part of Five Art Centre's Emergency Festival in 2008, appearing in the play New Village People and Pineapple Rice.

Zi Hao himself grew up in Seri Kembangan, a New Village in Serdang. Just check out this Arteri Malaysia post he wrote about the township and its typography!
He also runs a children's art education programme called Projek Semai.
Parking Project
Parking Project is a visual arts collective helmed by Roslisham Ismail. Better known as Ise, the artist is hot property in the Malaysian visual arts -- and no wonder!
Ise's art has tended to be a collage of media. Take, for example, Super Fiction: a show supported by the Japan Foundation that featured illustration, video, and text -- borne out of his experiences living briefly in Tokyo.

Lately, he has been pursuing more conceptual issues recently. HIs most recent show, Ghost, was an exhibition with a twist: there was no visual element. Instead, audiences were greeted with empty frames, soundscapes, and music!
Chong Chin Yew
Author, visual artist and TV director Chin Yew quit his nine-to-five job to paint, turning out 40 pieces in the span of a month. He would later translate this virtuosity into a community project, 30dayartist, in which other artists, looking to build some discipline in their practice, challenge themselves to be similarly profilic in a month's time.

Chin Yew also writes, having illustrated and published The Boy Who Loved Clouds and
The artists (there'll be more; we're in the midst of confirming more peeps) will be working on the day before Urbanscapes, as well as the day itself -- so you'll get to see these creators at work!
Also, at the end of the day, the big canvas work will be divided and disseminated via silent auction, with the proceeds going to charity. So these Urbanscapes works will live on! Awesome.

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