Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sued by Beyonce Knowles to disturbances in a suburb of Hollywood

Beyonce Knowles faces legal action from a Hollywood Hills resident, who claims that her private life was interrupted when the R & B superstar filmed a new video in their quiet neighborhood. Philip Markowitz filed a lawsuit against Beyonce and her producer Kleiner & Company on Friday, May 28 about her new promo “Why Do not You Love Me.
She alleges she was suddenly awakened at 7 am on 26 March when the film crew arrived in the exclusive community of Mount Olympus in the Hollywood Hills and “the neighborhood was invaded.” Markowitz says she was prevented from leaving her property and each time she lefterhouse, met with staff members to block their entry video.
According to court documents filed in the Superior Court of Los Angeles, she faced the people of the staff about the problem and as a result, “We lose several business calls while we are talking quietly on her street.” The documents passed to the state, “Markowitz demanded compensation for the violation of her property and the inconvenience and delays that had suffered”, but said it could not be paid because it was a “a low-budget video.
Markowitz is suing on grounds of private nuisance and trespass, and is demanding unspecified damages, according to TMZ.

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