Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I had the opportunity to meet Tyson Beckford at a recent event aimed at educating the youth about art and filmmaking. He spoke to me about his career as a supermodel and his future business ventures. He started by telling me that his motivation to do well as a model and businessman, is rooted in his love of sharing his knowledge with others. He told me that being surrounded by younger children motivates him.
“This inspires me to do better. Because now I have to come back another year and have to be doing something different that I didn’t do last year."
Beckford did admit that despite his passion for the modeling industry, it's not always as alluring as the public may think.
Video: Tyson Beckford: Beyond Modeling

“People think you’re like, you whisk around a fancy car. Like, nah, I used to take the train to go shoot Ralph Lauren ads. It’s not all that glamorous, but the pay-off is great.”
For Beckford, one important lesson he learned in the modeling industry is the importance of understanding how to navigate the business, political, and marketing aspects. He emphasized to me that his ability to understand finance and business has helped him be a better model and TV Host of Make me Supermodel on Bravo. Beckford says he always is paying attention to what is going on in the broader financial markets.
“All the news channels that I watch, you learn everyday about what’s going on. You know you see things like Goldman Sachs, and you’re like, ‘Why would a big company like that do such a thing?’ You learn a lot when you read and you watch the news.”
Currently, Beckford is using his knowledge to create a new TV Show. In addition, as a longtime motorcycle enthusiast, he hopes to one day have his own line of motorcycles. He also has his eyes on a new skincare line for men and clothing business.

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