Monday, April 5, 2010

Exclusive New Games for iPad

Exclusive New Games for iPad
The iPad's larger screen real estate contains some of the greatest promise for admirers of tower defense games, and iPhone and iPod Touch top-seller Plants vs. Zombies from PopCap can be one of the finest examples.
The iPad version of the title, called Plants vs. Zombies HD, was revealed last week together with a line of other iPad games through Apple's iTunes Web interface for apps. At $9.99, it costs over three times its younger sibling.
The iPad-optimized edition, however, brings the game roughly at par with the versions found on PC and Mac computers that charge twice as much.
iPad users also get a new and unique mini-game mode called "buttered popcorn" that makes use of the iPad's multitouch display.
Players hit the zombies by first "buttering" them up before firing corn-cob guns at them. To overcome the increasing masses of zombies, players can touch them to put butter on their heads. With the help of multitouch user interface, players can pick up around 11 zombies at a time, aimed for 'buttering' by the powerful cob cannons.
According to PopCap, it has sold 650,000 copies of the title for the iPhone and iPod. Customers who have already paid for that version will, still be able to play it on the iPad, but will be required to purchase a copy of the HD version if they want to avail all the new features and added screenreal estate.

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