Thursday, April 29, 2010

Author Debbie Macomber finds her art in crafts

Debbie Macomber may be a bestselling author, but she has no problem laughing at herself.
In a recent phone interview, she quoted a letter from a devoted reader: "You're my favorite author. You put me to sleep every night."
Macomber will be sharing more of her favorite letters from readers on Thursday at the UC Riverside Palm Desert Graduate Center.
Her new book, "Hannah's List," is the seventh in her series of interrelated "Blossom Street" novels, which started with a group of four characters in a knitting class. Since then, several other authors with knitting or craft-related novels have joined Macomber on the store shelves.
But in the beginning, she never meant it to be a series at all.
"I had written 'The Shop on Blossom Street' -- you work about a year ahead -- and I had written the next stand-alone book," Macomber said.

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