Monday, April 26, 2010

Akshay : Khan-Kumar Rivalry Is Media´s Imagination

The actor, whose new flick 'Housefull' is slated for release on April 30, said there was enough space in the film industry for everyone, without the need for rivalries and camps. Interacting with the media here, Akshay said ''I just spoke to one of the Khans the other day. The so-called rivalry does not really exist between us. Every year, our industry produces 150 films, so there is enough for everyone.'' He also declined to wear the title of the number one Bollywood actor after giving a string of hits and being the highest income tax payer among the film fraternity. He paid Rs 19 crore for 2009, topping Shah Rukh Khan's Rs 15 crore easily.

''There is no pressure to either be the biggest star or the highest tax payer. You pay taxes according to what you earn legitimately. There is no such thing as competition to be the top among us. I can not comment on what the media says, and what the public reads. For me, the biggest kick is to be part of the film industry,'' he said.
Akshay, who has also launched his own production house, which is co-producing 'Housefull', and has Rs 550-600 crore riding on him, keeps an open mind about what the future will bring for him.
''Four to five years back, I could never imagine launching my own production house. And right now, I do not have any serious plans to either write or direct a film, even though I had written 'Namastey London'. But having a production house, I face less stress at work.
My remuneration for my production house is zero, as I do not charge any fees. It is the actor's fees that eat up most of the producer's costs,'' he revealed.
Though not supertitious, the actor refuses to share his future plans or dreams in detail.
''I prefer to keep my dreams and wishes to myself. But life could not have been better. I have had incredible hits with all my heroines too - from Ayesha Jhuka to Katrina Kaif.'' Commenting on his next release directed by Sajid Khan, Akshay said it was a multi-starrer comedy with cast that included Lara Dutta, Riteish Deshmukh and Arjun Rampal, where he plays a loser looking for his soulmate.
''My character 'Arush', unlike my real life, is a loser in search of the ''right girl''. And until he finds her, his run of bad luck is going to continue. The good thing about comedy movies is the fact that you are not a hero but a character. And the fact that the movie is a multi-starrer removes a lot of pressure off me,'' he added.

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