Friday, April 30, 2010

Art maestro Ghulam Rasul remembered: Grand display of paintings at Argentine Embassy

ISLAMABAD: A nation is honoured when its artists are praised. This is particularly true of artists of high caliber like the Late Ghulam Rasul, who become a source of immense prestige for the nation.

The exhibition of paintings by Rasul at the Argentinian Embassy Wednesday evening proved the same. Argentinian Ambassador to Pakistan Rudolfo J Martin Saravia's presence magnified significance of the event.

The guests were from all sections of the society and cosmopolitan in nature. Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan and Pakistan's former foreign minister Sahibzada Yaqub were prominent among those who converged at the embassy to acknowledge the artistic contributions of the artist. The Italian and French ambassadors to Pakistan were also present on the occasion.

Rasul's paintings showed diversity. They not only depicted the late maestro's love for landscapes but also signified his zeal for calligraphy and still pictures.

Even more prominent were those, which depicted his tilt towards innovation in flat art. The multifarious diversity of his works remained under the spotlight throughout the display.

Rabia Rasul, daughter of the late artist, was exuberant in praising her father. Her love for art was visible clearly in the sparkle of her eyes and the vibrant and beautiful description she gave of her father's paintings.

When asked by this correspondent to point out which work was more inspiring, she replied, "I do have the artistic leanings of my great father. Even though I have never picked up the brush or paint to demonstrate the same passion like my sister Mariam Rasul has done over the years, but none can predict when I will suddenly launch myself fully into doing the same," she added.

This energy became very much apparent on her face every time she happened to comment on the themes and messages her father's works portrayed.

"I have an eye for colours and now I feel this sense has sharpened over the period of time," Rabia said hinting at the possibility that she might as well pick up the paint and brush in coming years with the same seriousness and passion that her father applied to his profession.

"Right now, I am more interested in promoting art via art exhibitions worldwide," she said about her present engagements.

Other guests were equally appreciative of the exhibition. They were all engrossed in colours and the thought behind each work.

In the end, it was Rabia again who concluded the proceedings with her comments. She said that while art and artists were not readily recognised and admired in Pakistan, yet her father was one of the few lucky ones who got noticed and whose works won accolades within the country as well as abroad.

She cited 'A Pride of Performance' from the president of Pakistan in 1980s and several global honours to lend weight to her statements.

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