Wednesday, April 28, 2010

ArtBeat Greensboro: Don't Miss a Beat!

Third Annual ArtBeat Greensboro celebrates the coming of spring and the diversity of cultures that are reflected in the arts in our town

Just as surely as the temperature rises, the snow is replaced by daffodils and spring is in the air, ArtBeat Greensboro will be returning for its annual 10-day run from April 30 through May 9 in Greensboro.

Chances are that during those days, if it can be painted, sculpted, turned on a potter’s wheel, played on a musical instrument, sung, acted, made with one’s hands or carried out in front of an audience, it will be done; somewhere, probably more than once, and either free or for the price of a ticket.

That’s a wide definition of the arts in Greensboro — and ArtBeat Greensboro organizer Kathy Manning said it’s done that way on purpose.

“At any given time in Greensboro, someone is making art, whether it’s a musician, or a singer, or a painter, or an actor,” says Manning. “Art is so much of who and what we are — and ArtBeat Greensboro comes along once a year, to remind us of both of the richness of the professional arts in our city and of what art can do for our spirit.”

Richard Whittington, managing director of ArtBeat Partner Triad Stage, noted that ArtBeat Greensboro is a unique collaboration involving many different arts groups coming together to produce a 10-day festival with something for everyone. “So often, people see arts groups in competition with each other, but nothing can be further from the truth,” says Whittington. “We hope people choose this time to not only support the organizations they know and love, but also to branch out and try something new.”

ArtBeat Greensboro was born out of a challenge four years ago from the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro. The foundation asked arts groups to consider how they might better collaborate with each other during an increasingly competitive environment for funding.

The three organizers — Triad stage, Greensboro symphony and eastern Music Festival — began meeting to fine-tune the vision and goals for what would become ArtBeat Greensboro.

To get precise times, dates, ticket information and descriptions on all that it is ArtBeat Greensboro, please visit or call 336.369.0085.

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