Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Alexa Ray Joel Nose Job Confirmed

Alexa Ray’s mother is the famous super model Christie Brinkley
The latest celebrity plastic surgery news is that the model musician Alexa Ray Joel has undergone a nose job [rhinoplasty] in an undisclosed New York hospital. Alexa Ray Joel who is the daughter of the legendary rock and roll star Billy Joel put out a statement through her publicist saying that she was suffering from “breathing difficulties due to a deviated septum” and that she had combined treatment for this condition with a slight adjustment in the appearance of her nose.
Alexa Ray Joel Nose Job Confirmed
Alexa Ray’s mother is the famous super model Christie Brinkley who is always the subject of media speculation about whether she has had plastic surgery procedures herself. In fact the statement released by the family publicist did not deny or confirm that Christie Brinkley had had a face-lift but stated that she always took it as a compliment when the press speculated about her appearance.
It must be hard being the daughter of Christie Brinkley who was often described as one of the most beautiful women in the world because everybody will compare her with her mother. In fact maybe Alexa Ray’s rhinoplasty will make her look more like her supermodel mother and less like her rock star dad.
We’ve seen how loads of celebrities claim that they underwent cosmetic surgeries not for the vanity aspects but because of serious health issues. In fact very few women say that they have breast augmentation for the simple fact that they just want big breasts so that they will get more attention and will look more beautiful but instead say that they want to feel better about themselves or that they deserve it as a present.
Some celebrities say that they went under the knife as a career decision to improve the likelihood of getting jobs and opportunities. In fact research we have seen the Ukmedix News shows that investing in your physical appearance can play substantial dividends in the workplace!

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