Saturday, April 3, 2010

Macau opens state-of-the-art science center

DESIGNED BY FAMOUS ARCHI- tect IM Pei (of the Louvre pyramid fame), the Macao Science Center (MSC), inaugurated in December 2009, is a remarkable addition to Macau’s architectural landmarks.

Consisting of an exhibition center, planetarium, and convention center, the MSC has 20,000-sqm gross floor area and seeks to become an educational center for students, a tourist attraction and convention center for scientific conferences.

Its exhibition center has 14 galleries designed in a spiral with interactive exhibits on robotics, earth sciences, eco-conservation and aero-space development which are of interest to visitors of all ages. Its Planetarium, on the other hand, is the only facility of its kind in the world. Its high-definition and 3D visual effects can take viewers on a unique journey to outer space.

The Macao Science Center is adjacent to the Cultural Center and Museum of Art to which it is connected by a pedestrian bridge. It is part of a cultural hub which attracts tourists who go to Macau not for gaming but for culture, science, and education.

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