Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cities Desire Google Fiber High Speed Broadband Internet Access

Cities Desire Google Fiber High Speed Broadband Internet Access.  There are hundreds- if not over a thousand – communities seeking to be the site of a test of a Google high speed broadband network.  Google has announced that their proposed internet options would include speeds of 100 times faster than the current home-based broadband internet service.
Google’s broadband would be powered by a fiber optic network, and is state of the art.  Cities such as Grand Rapids, Michigan Topeka, Kansas Fresno, CA, and Portland OR are rumored to be at the top of Google’s list.
These communities are anxiously awaiting the announcement from the company as to which city or cities will be awarded the testing honors.
If successful during the test stages, Google broadband could revolutionize web browsing as we know it.  The ultra high speeds provided by their proposed broadband access could allow for a lot of great benefits, such as faster downloads.
Supposedly, Google wants to bring their test site to approximately 500,o00 people. There’s not any indication of where Google is leaning to place their test site or sites, but once they announce which city or cities are lucky enough to have that honor we will let you know.

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