Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Buy Final Fantasy XIII on PS3, get in the Final Fantasy XIV beta

Fantasy XIII Screenshot 12

Sony Computer Entertainment is giving gamers a bit of an extra incentive to pick up Final Fantasy XIII (which launched today) on the PS3 today, as it’s been announced on the US PlayStation Blog that if you choose to do so, you’ll not only get a secret in-game item for Final Fantasy XIV, but your chances of entering the beta for that game will increase by… a margin of sorts. From the post:
“Players who purchase a copy of Final Fantasy XIII for PS3 will receive a Final Fantasy XIV secret in-game item and be able to enter for a potential opportunity to become a beta tester for Final Fantasy XIV for PS3.
“Included inside copies of the initial production run of Final Fantasy XIII for PS3 are Campaign Codes printed on a special Square Enix Members Point Card. Players can register at Square Enix Members and receive a code to unlock the special Final Fantasy XIV limited offer.”
The post also recommends you visit the official Final Fantasy XIV website for more information, which I would also recommend as I’m not quite sure what all the fuss is about, but Rob Dyer, Senior Vice President of Publisher Relations at SCEA, seems quite excited…

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