Friday, June 11, 2010

Art and luxury at this do

Pheroza Godrej Art and luxury came together in the most eclectic manner on Thursday evening at an exhibition showcasing select artworks by veteran artist Jehangir Sabavala.

If it’s a master like Sabavala, it is de rigueur that Mumbai’s swish set earmarks the occasion in their lil’ black book! No wonder then, that a bevy of people – friends and well-wishers of the octogenarian artist – came to revel in the timeless art and memories of Sabavala, over wine and sumptuous hors de oeuvres.

The evening began with a heart-warming introductory speech by Pheroza Godrej, who spoke about Sabavala’s early days spent shuttling amidst Mumbai, London and New York, imbibing the finest of all three cultures; and about the Zoroastrian influences seen in his works. Art historian Ranjit Hoskote took over from Pheroza as he elucidated on the nuances of Sabavala’s works.

Those who came to laud the maestro, who self-confessedly was, “overwhelmed to be a recipient of such affection”, included old friends Shyam Benegal (accompanied by wife) and Anil Dharker, who had fond memories to narrate about many a culturally-enriched evenings spent at Jehangir and Shirin’s home. Sangita Sinh Kathiwada made time for her favourite artist, “and the most chivalrous gentleman I know”; as did Pravina Mecklai, who had been away from the art scene for a while. Jaideep and Seema Mehrotra and Usha and Sunil Gawde too made an appearance and were heard discussing how imperative it is for every young person with artistic leanings to take a leaf out of Sabavala’s life. Lavesh Jagasia made it a point to attend this do as did Dolly Thakore, Tasneem Mehta and Monica Vaziralli.

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