Monday, February 15, 2010

Urban Art Projects reveals giant carp for Brisbane

Landscape architects Ubris and art consultants Urban Art Projects (UAP) have teamed up to create a 6.6 tonne bronze sculpture for Brisbane’s Chinatown Mall.
The permanent art project, which opened this week, is a combination of a bronze water feature designed by UAP’s Jamie Perrow and a carp sculpture by local artist Catherine Chui, which together represent the ancient Chinese legend of ‘The Carp leaps over the Dragon Gate’.

The 40-metre long water feature was cast from 6.6 tonnes of bronze.

This collaboration has provided an opportunity for artists, designers and council to contribute to the creative process behind a considered site-specific art project, Urban Art Projects CEO, Ben Tait, said.

“The Chinatown Mall is such a significant cultural space within Brisbane and it has been a privilege to develop some primary artworks for this landmark site,” he said.

Conceived by UAP lead designer Jamie Perrow, the design is based on a pattern abstracted from the scales of carp and dragon, which causes water to mimic the appearance of scales as it flows.

“The raw energy of water and how it moves is often what can keep us staring at a waterfall, or the moving ocean for long periods of time. There is a calming, contemplative quality about it,” he said.

All elements of the landscape design were master-planned by Urbis to reference three major Chinese dynasties through the use of pattern and colour.

Urbis director, Paul Hardyman, said: “The project demonstrates what amazing results can be achieved where there is strong collaboration between landscape architects, artists and skilled artisans. Great support from Brisbane City Council’s Project Manager, Mark Theobald and Senior Landscape Architect, Darryl Mills was critical to the success of the outcome.”

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