Tuesday, February 23, 2010

MySpace Getting A Makeover in Hopes of Making Site More Sticky

News Corp. (Nasdaq:NWS) looking at adding content discovery tools to  MySpace in order to increase interest in the social networking site and make it more sticky.
In the wake of the departure of former MySpace CEO Own Van Natta recently, News Corp. is in a full court press to get the site growing again and to create a sense of urgency that seems to have been lacking under the short tenure of Van Natta.
MySpace executives aren't looking for big home runs going forward, but rather a bunch of small moves which will enhance the overall whole of the company.
For example, with the content discovery tools the idea is to have MySpace offer a lot more relevant content they recommend to their customers or users. They want these tools available at every part of the site there is, giving them the maximum exposure available.
The company confirmed they're going to take a bunch of smaller steps rather than attempt the gigantic product launches which generate a lot of short-term interest, but in many cases don't add up to increased, sustainable usage of the network.
Whatever it is a person is doing at the time on MySpace, there will start to be a targeted recommendation or group or recommendations on something the user may also want to check out. They want to target all verticals and not just the video, which is already functioning in that manner.
The reason for all of this is executives at MySpace believe its core business is discovery, and they want to enhance that experience for its users to not only keep them on the site, but attract others with similar characteristics as well.
MySpace wants to make it as easy for their users as they can to interact and discover the things they're interested in, and continually express themselves while doing it, some of the things that made MySpace such a big hit in the first place.

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