Lady Gaga Brits

For this week’s fashion fail, we’ve got Lady Gaga in our sites after she showed up at the Brits looking like a the caterpillar from Alice In Wonderland.
Normally her outlandish sense of style is something I admire. And believe me, I feel bad lampooning her wardrobe choices after her dear friend Alexander McQueen passed away (he designed most of her wild get-ups).

I sat down with our Fashion Editor, Jenivieve, to get her take on this bizarre concoction.
Joan: So Jen, if anyone can pull of a wild dress it’s Lady Gaga, but something just doesn’t seem right…
Jen: she looks like she is wearing a very expensive drape….
Joan: LOL, I wouldn’t use that fabric to cover my windows, I think they would climb down and run away!
Jen: why does she have to be A-completly nude or B-covered from head to toe?
Jen: lol, well we are talking your grandma’s drapes here!
Joan: Right, there is never a middle ground with her
Joan: Her hair is a little Marge Simpson-ish, and when she poses with her arms out she looks like a giant Christmas ornament
Jen: she looks like a character from The Grinch Who Stole Christmas!
Jen: Cindy Lou Who
Joan: Instead of ‘Whoville’ it’s ‘WTFville’
Jen: lol, well hopefully this is just a “mourning” out fit, and she can quickly throw this number in the trash
Joan: Let’s hope so!
Alright, we gave you our opinions, let’s hear yours. Are we just missing the point of this particular outfit? Do we not ‘get’ high fashion, or do you agree that this one is way too much? Let us hear it in the comments section below.
Here are some additional photos of the dress. And don’t forget to join us every Wednesday for a new edition of ‘Fashion Fail!’
Lady Gaga BritsLady Gaga BritsLady Gaga BritsLady Gaga BritsLady Gaga BritsLady Gaga BritsLady Gaga Brits