Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Facebook Gearing Up to Fight Google Buzz

With Google Buzz the hottest social network currently, it’s clear that Facebook must stay on their game to keep up. And that is what Facebook seems to be doing with their recent acquisition of Friendfeed, then later Octazen Solutions. Just as CMWire reports, Facebook has managed to assemble an impressive line of talent for their social networking efforts. But the question is whether or not they can take on Google Buzz?
On the surface, it looks as if the purchase of Octazen is to provide Facebook with the same kind of capability that Google Buzz has in automatically importing your contacts to their system. Clearly, Facebook has not been paying attention to Google Buzz privacy issues. Even if Facebook doesn’t run into the same privacy snafus as Google, will they be able to continue to remain on top with the Google Buzz threat looming over their head?

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