Friday, February 19, 2010

10 tips for getting the most from your visit to the doctor

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Seeing your health provider when you feel well is essential to good health.

Since Doctor's are usually on a tight schedules, the more organized you are, the more time you'll have with him/her.

Here are 10 specific steps from The Latina Guide to Health to make your visits to the Doctor more productive.

1. Confirm your appointment and any special preparations you need to make (babysitter, not eating before a blood test, transportation, translation, etc.).

2. Make a list of any questions you have.

3. Bring a list so you can be accurate about what you have been doing to stay healthy and what symptoms you are having.

4. If you have insurance, bring your insurance card.

5. If this is a first visit to a health provider, get to the office early. You will need the time to carefully read and complete all the forms you are given to sign.

6. Answer all questions accurately.

7. Take notes or, if you prefer, bring someone with you to take notes. If you do not understand what you are being told, ask that it be explained to you again.

8. Make sure you understand when and how to take your medicines, what self-care steps you are to take, what the purpose was on any tests you have done, what alternatives to the recommendations might be helpful, and what the results from any tests or other procedures mean.

9. Ask when you should come back for a follow-up visit.

10. Visit the National Alliance for Hispanic Health website to download a pdf form to keep track of your Doctor visits and what was said and any procedures completed.

More information for good health can be found in The Latina Guide to Health available in bookstores now or through and other online retailers.

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