Thursday, February 25, 2010

MTV’s Jersey Shore Cast Made Funny Appearance On ABC’s ‘The View’ Clip

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MTV’s Jersey Shore cast made funny appearance on ABC’s ‘The View’ clip. The full cast of MTV’s new,hit,reality show, “Jersey Shore” made a very entertaining and funny appearance on ABC’s “The View” morning talk show yesterday morning. They talked about nicknames,upcoming gigs,boobs,and more. In the clip (below), Mike “The Situation” started out by giving each the “The View” hosts a special nickname. He called Whoopi, “The Administration.” He called Joy Behar, “The Assumption.” He called Elisabeth Hasselbeck, “The Attraction,and then he called Sherri Shephard, “The Duplication” because her hairstyle was similar to Snooki’s that day.
Sherri described what the show was about. Snooki said she was born to be famous,and revealed that she’s more Chilean than actual Italian. Then Pauly D talked about his djing gigs,and how his rate has gone up. Mike talked about his “Situation” brand,and confirmed that he does use condoms on the show. They talked about what they want to do after “Jersey Shore.” They revealed that they are supposedly saving their money for a rainy day.
Jenni “J-WOWW” talked about how she was doing with her boyfriend who she had a problem with on the show. She also talked about getting silicon replacements for her huge boobs. To conclude, they talked a little bit about where they may film the second season of “Jersey Shore,”but didn’t say where. Whoopi was confused because they aren’t going to film “Jersey Shore” at the actual “Jersey Shore” anymore. It was funny. Check them out in the video (below).
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