Sunday, February 14, 2010

Madonna making return to big screen, but now as a director

Actors planning to make reappearances on the big screen, this is news that Hollywood and movies get to hear almost every new day. The actor who has actually made news in this direction is Madonna who is making her way back to the big screen, but this time not as an actor in a movie but as a movie director. Madonna in her new avatar will leave behind her actress/singer image and is touted to direct the new biopic that has still now not been officially christened.

A story based on the scandalous affair between King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, the cast and the other details are still under covers. But, the one that is being considered final for the part of Simpson in the movie is the actress who recently picked an award for the Best Supporting Actress Nomination for her movie Up in the Air as Vera Farminga.
Madonna who has already tried her hands on direction with the movie called “Filth and Wisdom”, released in 2008, is again set to stun the audiences after a two years time period with this new biopic. An interesting news for all the Madonna fans out there this is a thing, which she will do after a long waiting session, which she did last in 2002 by her action roles that bagged an award at the Razzies in Swept Away.
So, if you too wondering will Madonna actually succeed in her new director avatar than wait for this is something only time can tell.

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