Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Twitter users are target of 'phishing' attacks

A phishing campaign is targeting Twitter users to steal their passwords and hijack accounts, according to security firm Sophos.
The hijacked accounts are being used to spread money-making spam campaigns. Phishing links started to appear in humorous postings that began with internet phrases like "lol, this is funny" and "lol this you??"
The links led to a fake Twitter login page that was traced to a website in China called BZPharma.net.
"The cybercriminals behind the attack are creating a zombie network, or botnet, of hacked accounts that they can then abuse to spread spam, distribute malware and steal identities," Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos told Computer Weekly.
He goes on to advise Twitter users to change their passwords as soon as they click on a bad link.
In other news, web giant Google has admitted that testing of its new social network Buzz was not sufficient.
According to the BBC, the service, which was launched on February 9, was tested only internally as the company chose to bypass more extensive trials with external testers

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