Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Titan May Support Earth-Like World, Say Scientists

Titan May Support Earth-Like World, Say Scientists
A group of researchers has discovered through their latest study, how the atmosphere of the Saturn's largest moon, Titan is structured. Titan, which is the only moon of the Saturn that has a dense atmosphere, is believed to have an Earth-like world, according to the latest report.
Scientists studied the atmosphere of Titan and said that it might support a world that is very similar to the Earth, which possesses a layered atmosphere. They revealed that the lowest layer of any planet, which is also known as boundary layer, has huge impact on the surface with clouds and winds. Apart from it, it itself is affected by a planet or moon's surface.
The team told that Earth's boundary layer is controlled by solar heat that warms the planet's surface and is 500 meters and 3 kilometers in thickness. Whereas, boundary layer of the Titan may act differently as it is farther away from the Sun. It is thick and opaque, which is creating perplexity in the study.
Thus, to solve this mystery, a 3-D climate model has been developed by the team so as to know how the planet might respond to solar heat over time. This invention has revealed simulations like Titan’s lower atmosphere is probably divided into two parts and both differ from upper atmosphere’s temperature, said it.
Further analysis over the hazy and soupy atmosphere of the Titan could help in throwing light on the atmosphere of varied other similar planets that include alien planets and moons, said the scientists. "3-D models will be very useful in the future to explain the data we will get about the atmospheres of exoplanets", said Benjamin Charnay, a Planetary Scientist at France's National Center of Scientific Research.

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