Diana Vickers for Very.co.ukDiana Vickers has released a smoking hot new collection for Very.co.uk...
Diana Vickers’ latest fashion line for Very.co.uk is out, like NOW! To celebrate the launch, the singer slash designer has spilled all – talking addictions and inspirations behind the 16-piece collection - starting with, err, radishes…

“Vegetable prints were a highlight on the SS12 catwalks, which I thought was completely eccentric and so much fun.”
“I found this amazing old curtain in a radish print, and instantly thought that’s a really cool print, let’s include it in the collection!” Scroll down for video...
Diana Vickers for Very.co.uk
The campaign images for V’s v. nice Very collection are nothing short of stunning - loving the Rockabilly (pastry) quiff almost as the clothes
Dee V by Diana Vickers is the singer’s second collection for Very.co.uk and arguably her best selection yet (not that there was anything wrong with the last one mind).
With prices starting at £29 - and ending at just £59 - it’s an easy way to tackle those spring trends without having sell your flat / car / Nan.
Radish fan Diana continues: “I wanted to really play around with it [the radish print] - make the [radish] print bigger and better.
It [the radish print] has ended up becoming a gorgeous 1950s style full-skirted dress which I’m in love with.”
1950s-style full-skirted dresses are an even bigger trend that radishes this spring - so someone (Ms Vickers) clearly knows what they’re doing.
Radishes aside, is there anything else that Diana’s addicted to at the moment?
Diana Vickers for Very.co.uk
Coat junkie Diana has designed a cream number for her SS12 line and wants us to bare our midriffs too *gulp* (lollipop = model's own)
Diana Vickers (Pic:Splashnews.com)Diana Vickers (Pic:Splashnews.com)“I’m obsessed with coats and jackets at the moment!”
That’s that one cleared up then…hang on, there’s more…
“I can’t stop shopping for jackets and trying on other people’s jackets! I’ve invested in a good few recently, but I still really want a good long black jacket to wear in spring, so I’m still searching.”
Erm, maybe you should design one yourself Dee V? Then we can buy that too. Then you can try ours on and all.
Diana ignores us and continues: “My inspiration came from the 1950s and early 1960s retro style. I love all those old fashioned vintage shapes: lots of quirky prints and bright colours.”
Ms Vickers may be a relative newcomer to the world of fashion but she’s certainly making waves – thanks in part to her Rockabilly new look.
Vickers says she loves bright colours and quirky prints - here's the proof
Indeed the SS12 collection is brimming with bow-ties, thigh-high socks, midriff-baring crop tops and radish prints – all of which would look right at home on anyone from Rockabilly-luvvie Rihanna, to print-cess Carey Mulligan and even Park Avenue favourite Olivia Palermo.
Rihanna looks lovely out and about (Pics:Rex) Image 1
We'd like to see Rockabilly fan Rihanna in Dee V's clothes
But who would Diana most like to see wearing her latest collection?...Dee V? Dee? V? Diana?!
Nevermind. First one to check out the Diana Vickers clothing range is a great big stylish radish.
Before you do that, why not watch Diana Vickers in moving pictures - this time talking us through her first ever Very collaboration. Fun.