Friday, September 7, 2012

Padilla shares knowledge of Brazilian art with Pakistanis

On the occasion of the Brazilian National Day, the Embassy of Brazil invited Roberto Padilla to Pakistan to share with Pakistani artists, art promoters and all those interested in art his broad knowledge of Brazilian art and artists and the unique experience of the vibrant Brazilian art scene.

The event was held at the centre of art, culture and dialogue Kuch Khaas and attended by art lovers and other guests.

 Welcoming everyone on behalf of KK and Khaas Gallery of which she is the CEO, Zeeshan Afzal Khan introduced the speaker and hoped everyone would enjoy the evening. Ambassador of Brazil, Alfredo Leoni also welcomed his guests and said the embassy was proud to have a renowned expert talk about Brazilian art since stronger cultural ties between Pakistan and Brazil would be beneficial for both.

With the help of video illustrations, the talk began with an introduction to Brazil, its architecture and the statistics about the millions of visitors who came to the country as tourists — it was interesting to learn that Sao Paulo is the biggest city in Brazil. Various artists and their work were then shown and it must have been fascinating for those who understand and appreciate modern artistic concepts — for some of us the work of Beatriz Milhazes was colourful and eye-catching.

For others the amazing Cultural Institute ‘Inhotim’ — a museum complex formed by a set of galleries (pavilions) in the middle of a botanical garden - was more attention grabbing! It’s located at Brumadinho, a town 279 miles from Sao Paulo and199 miles from Rio de Janeiro, in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Surrounded by 600 hectares of natural reserve and 45 hectares of gardens with botanical collections, its galleries host a vast collection of contemporary art from Brazilian and international artists from the 60’s on. Besides the artwork, the beautiful, well laid out botanical gardens were a pleasure to see and could prove a motivating factor for nature and garden lovers to visit Brazil!

There was a question and answer session not only about artists and their work, but about the promotion of art and related subjects which continued after the session was over and refreshments were served in the garden. It turned out to be an enjoyable evening not only for the art savvy crowd, but for others who surely went home just a little more knowledgeable about the subject!

Roberto Padilla is a Brazilian art expert and promoter. Since 1987, as owner and CEO of the ArtPadilla, a cultural company, Roberto Padilla has promoted Brazilian artists and exhibitions in the most important museums and art institutions all around Brazil and in other countries. Among the recent exhibitions produced by ArtPadillain Brazil are ‘Print Masters of the National Library Collection;’ ‘The Indigenous Art of Victor Brecheret;’ ‘Rio de Janeiro in the Route of the Southern Seas;’ ‘Margaret Mee, 100 Years of Life and Work’ and ‘Forty Years without Portinari’

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