Monday, November 5, 2012

People & Places: Kids' World opens Nov. 15

Remmi Smith (left), honorary chairwoman Victoria Bartlett, Victoria Turner and Tatyana Zemlyanskaya from EuroMart gather in anticipation of Kids' World from the Tulsa Global Alliance on Nov. 15-17.

Give your child a ticket to the world when the Tulsa Global Alliance holds its Kids' World 2012 on Nov. 15-17 at the Exchange Center at Expo Square, Tulsa Fairgrounds.

They will have the chance to experience dozens of cultures and countries at the festival that promotes understanding and peace by creating an inspiring, entertaining and educational event to increase tolerance and appreciation of all cultures.

About 15,000 people are expected to become more familiar with the world through hands-on activities, entertainment and culturally diverse foods. Children will be able to see (nearly life-sized) replicas of a Mayan Temple, Big Ben and a German house.

Those attending will also be able to snack on treats from such places as India, Mexico, South America and the Middle East while discovering the Easter Island Moai Heads. Some may try on shoes from Holland, learn to write their names in Japanese or try Scottish caber tossing ... just to name a handful of the activities available.

A few of the countries and cultures represented include Switzerland, Indonesia, China, Norway, the Cherokee Nation, Brazil and Jordan, as well as Tulsa's eight Sister Cities: Tiberias, Israel; San Luis Potosi, Mexico; Celle, Germany; Zelenograd, Russia; Amiens, France; Utsunomiya, Japan; Beihai, China; and Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Tulsa Global Alliance is especially thankful to the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation for its support since the festival began in 1993.

Kids' World 2012 sponsors also include the Williams Foundation, TD Williamson, the Helmerich Foundation, the Sharna & Irvin Frank Foundation, the Helmerich Foundation, Cherokee Nation Cultural Tourism, Gelvin Foundation, Sam Vierson Family Foundation, GableGotwals Foundation, Joshi Technologies International Inc., University of Oklahoma East Asia Institute, University of Oklahoma Confucius Institute, Bank of Oklahoma, Walmart, Public Service Company of Oklahoma and KRAV.

Tulsa's first lady Victoria Bartlett is honorary chairwoman of the event. Doug Price is committee chairman and committee members include Karla Campbell, Rachel Deaton, John Sieler, Leslie Melvin, Lexi Allen, Olga Randolph, Megan Gaspar, Cristina Smith Williams, Cathy Izzo, Bob Lieser, Becky Collins and Pat Kroblin, manager.

Admission is $4 for children 18 and younger, $5 for adults. Special rates are available for school field trips, home school groups and scouting groups.

For more information, visit the Kids' World section of the TGA website at or call 918-591-4750.

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