Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lauren Conrad reveals her biggest fashion crimes

LAUREN Conrad (pix) used to be a fashion disaster.

The reality star has admitted she wasn't always so stylish and was a victim of tacky 90s crazes as teenager including body glitter, oversized hair scrunchies and bad hair dye.

Speaking about her crime against fashion, Lauren told People magazine: "One of the worst ones was roll-on body glitter. You would do it on your arms and on your cheeks. I remember doing it before soccer matches, which was really weird.
"I liked to match [scrunchies] to my outfit and my bike shorts. I was quite the fashionista. I used to box-dye my hair. I had fire-engine red hair at one point ... I looked like Ronald McDonald."

'The Hills' star is gearing up to launch her debut style book, 'Lauren Conrad Beauty', and thinks there is a market for it because her dedicated fans are always asking for advice about her hair and beauty regimes.

Lauren said: "So many times fans ask how to do something, or what tool or product to use, and there are so many tricks I've learned from amazing glam teams. I felt this was a great way to share it all with girls who will really put the tips to good use."

When quizzed about her biggest beauty tip, Lauren said cleverly applied make-up can make a big difference.
She suggested: "Play up your positives and the features you love about yourself."

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