Monday, October 8, 2012

12 designers enchant at expo fashion show

KARACHI: The Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) recently organised a two-day Expo Pakistan Fashion Show featuring outfits of 12 designers and big names of Pakistan fashion industry at a local hotel. On the occasion, many foreigners, officials of TDAP and Federal Advisor on Textile Dr Mirza Ikhtiar Baig were also present.

In the event, many designers and other professionals took part that include Faiza Samee, Amin Gulgee, Sonya Battla, Maxco, Nova Leathers, Adnan Pardesy, Samar Mehdi, Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design, Ayesha Tahir Masood, Nida Khurram, Kuki concept, Monica Parachi, PIFD, Rung Ja and Pareesa by Chen One.

First day started with the presentation of Amin Gulgee. His theme was ‘Story of River’ work consisted of modern stylish outfits used metal made top. Gulgee mostly used white colour in his presentation while he also used metal leaf in his dresses.

He also used dhoti for boy dresses. One of his designed dress achieved good applause, as it was stylish black dress with brownish metal leaf on middle of dress as a belt along with designed necklaces
of leafs.

The second presentation was of Maxco featuring casual and party wears. Their presentation revolved around fancy shirts with jeans, skirts, handbags, jackets and others. In Maxco presentation, girls’ outfits included jeans with light blue fancy shirts along with handbags, black shining top with capri and others. Maxco presentations for boys were about t shirts of various colours, including green, yellow, orange, and others. They also used mufflers in their presentation.

Adnan Pardesy presented outfits for working women, including long shirts with courts, long white shirt with choridar and capri.

He used vibrant colours in his presentation, including green, black, read, Navy and mixed. Famous model, actress and designer Nadia Hassan was the shop stopper of his presentation.

Nova Leather showcased outfits of leather featuring skirt, top, shirts, jackets, jeans and others. Nova used colours, including white, green, black, brown, read and pick with classy cuts. The most inspiring outfit of Nova was light brown leather jacket with handbag and leather shoes.

Presentation of Samar Mehdi started by the walk of Nadia Hussain, who was wearing a black shining outfit with elegant cuts on corner of dress. Mehdi collection comprised shining and non-shining dresses of bright colours, including light green, dark green, printed trousers, white dress with combination of green. Medhi also used muffler in presentation.

Sanya Battla presentation was started with classical dance of two girls, who were wearing dress of Battla. One girl was wearing frock style outfit of read colour with black corners while other wearing frock of black colour with touch of read colour on corners. Nadia Hussain also walked on Battla presentation in which she was wearing long light brown outfit with sophisticated cuts on shoulder and front.

The second day of show started with the collection of Faiza Samee. Her collection revolved around the fabrics that were kaftans, pure silk, chiffon and others with scarf and printed trousers.

Faiza Samme is very well known in fashion industry for her embroidery work but this time her work was opposite to her identity as she used printed designs. Faiza presented combination of various bright and light colours, however, she also included cultural image in earrings, handbags and in hair bands.

The second presentation was delivered by well known talented designer of Kuki Concept, Zahid Khan. At the event, he presented the collection while using Sindhi rallis, coin work and thread embroidery. He presented his work through the outfits - jackets, caps, jeans and shirts of colours counting blue, green, dark green and sky blue.

An emerging talent in fashion industry Nida Khurram gave presentation on third number. She showcased collection for women, who like to wear stylish dresses in parties and other occasions. She showcased long shirts of pure silk with little bit embroidery work, printed flowers outfits of colours with black, brown, cream and others. At Nida’s presentation, renowned model, actress and emerging designer Nadia Hussain was the showstopper.

Monica Couture collection presentation was fourth one. According to announcement, Monica Paracha collection was inspired by Ottoman and Mughal eras. She used hand embroidery of gold and silver thread in her collection. She also used semi precious stone in her outfits. She also made dragons and scorpion on her collection with embroidery.

Recently bachelors group of Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design (PIFD) also showcased their collection. Their collection reflected creativity and innovation. All the dresses they showcased were of heavy worked of white, black, read and among others colours.

Rung Ja presentation was purely revolved around the colours of ethnic prints, bright and dark. They include the culture of Pakistan in their collection, particularly culture of Punjab.

At the event, dance performance was also showed by some girls and boys, which boosted the joy of watching show as people enjoyed it a lot.

The last presentation of the two-day event was delivered by Pareesa Lawn of Chen One. The collection revolved around the spring and summer set of Pareesa, a seamless ballad of colours and vibrancy, which can best be described as hippie chic. Inspired by breezy freshness of the springtime, the collection largely consists of masterpieces in the form of flawless prints, flattering fabric and a tantalizing colour palette on voluminous experimental silhouettes. Pareesa Lawn collection was styled by Sahar Atif.

Expo is the fashion segment. Every year TDAP innovate and create something new for the buyers, visitors, exhibitors, and all those who love good fashion. This year the fashion segment under the seasoned eye of Saeed Tamimi has been designed and executed by Tehmina Khaled and her team Take II.

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