Thursday, January 14, 2010

History of Photography Part4

Reference Material

A Moment in Time

Timeline of photography, film and cameras.

History of Photography - Photo Gallery

An illustrated tour of how photography has advanced through the ages.

The Daguerreotype

After several years of experimentation, Daguerre developed a more convenient and effective method of photography, naming it after himself - the daguerreotype.

George Eastman - The History of Kodak

George Eastman invented dry, transparent, and flexible, photographic film (rolled photography film) and the Kodak cameras that could use the new film in 1888.

35mm Still Camera

The history of the 35mm still camera.

Digital Camera

The history of the digital camera.

Master Photographers

From Abbott to Winogrand, learn about each master photographer and their impact on the history of photography.

A History of Photography

From its beginnings till the 1920s - significant people, processes, and history.

Still Photography

The science and art of making permanent images on light-sensitive materials.

The Camera Obscura : Aristotle to Zahn

An apparatus in which the images of external objects, formed by a convex lens or a concave mirror, are thrown on a paper or other white surface placed in the focus of the lens or mirror within a darkened chamber, or box, so that the outlines may be traced.

Aerial Photography

Andrew Heafitz applied for and received his first U.S. patent for the camera shutter.

Photoflash Bulbs

The first modern photoflash bulb (or flashbulb) was made by Austrian Paul Vierkotter, who used magnesium coated wire in an evacuated glass globe.

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