Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dancers united in passion

Dancers united in passion
Sydney Chinese Dance Group are coming to Hornsby RSL Club.
THEY work in diverse occupations, including accounting, teaching and business - but are united in their passion for dance.
The 15 members of the Sydney Chinese Dance Group also share a common desire to promote Chinese culture in Australia, volunteering to dance at many cultural events and celebrations.
In introducting the ensemble at one of their recent events, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said the performers played an active role in nurturing the talent of young Chinese-Australian dancers and instilling an appreciation of their cultural heritage.
“It is pleasing to see the growing interest of all Australians in Chinese cultural events,” Mr Rudd said, noting “cultural diversity is an intrinsic part of Australian society and a unifying force for our nation”.
“The Chinese-Australian community is a significant part of the modern face of Australia and has played an important role in helping to build and maintain Australia’s strong relationship with China.”
The dance group was formed in 2004 by people who loved to dance outside of their regular jobs. They meet each Sunday to rehearse for several hours and share a love of performance.
Their latest production, Red Silk, draws on ancient and modern Chinese dance and incorporates the use of ribbons and fans. It includes an excerpt from the popular tale of Mulan and a collage of different dances.
“Some of the dances have a story and some of them are abstract,” Ms Zhang said.
“Some of the classic dance is thousands of years old and the upright hairstyles are also from the old culture.”
The group’s previous productions include Melody of Dance, Spirit of Dance and Dream of Dance.
Red Silk, which plays at Hornsby RSL Club on Saturday, February 20, at 8pm, features colourful costumes and fine tuned artistry.
The production is part of Chinese New Year celebrations at the club. Tickets are $13. Bookings:

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