Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Children art goes on display

Islamabad—As many as 22 children including art students displayed a collection of around 200 art pieces in a children art show here Monday. Hunerkada College of Visual and Performing Arts arranged the show that was outcome of a six-week summer art workshop for children of 4-14 age group.

The courses covered during the workshop were drawing, painting, sculpture, design, ceramic and print making through mediums of water color, oil paint and mix-media.

While the students captured their innovative themes and visualized their fantasies through soft expressions of art to get extra skills as well as show their abilities.

The displayed items were an attraction for art lovers to get a taste of the artistic endeavors by young minds.

The summer art workshop started on June 18 and concluded on July 30 with a focus on imparting basic skills of fine arts to budding artists.

Through various techniques, the exhibition featured drawings, water and oil paintings, ceramic art, various forms of design, print making and other displays.

The themes of the show were open for children to express their creativity and imaginative ideas with professional techniques learnt from experts in the field.

Speaking on the occasion, Head of Hunerkada, Jamal Shah, said during the seventeen years of its existence, Hunerkada College of Visual and Performing Arts has endeavored to educate, inspire and train people in various disciplines of art.

Hunerkada Gallery spotlights fresh and imminent talent and strives to provide a launch pad for professionals and talented amateurs, he said. The exhibition will continue till one week.

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