Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Taiwanese skateboarder breaks Guinness world record

Taipei, Dec. 19 (CNA) Taiwanese skateboarder Wu Meng-lung broke the Guinness world record Wednesday for the farthest distance traveled on a skateboard in 24 hours after riding for more than 300 kilometers.

Wu, 36, set off a day earlier at Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area in Pingtung County, southern Taiwan, and rode a new world record of 301.028 km in the allotted time.

The previous record was held by James Peters of the United States, who rode 296.12 km in Seattle in May 2007, according to the Guinness World Records website.

Chris Hsia, a renowned surfer and one of the witnesses of Wu's attempt, said Wu fell behind his own schedule after completing the front two-thirds of his journey and therefore in his final six hours, did not stop for a break or water.

Wu said that temperature fluctuations increased the level of challenge and that he suffered muscle stiffness everytime he continued his journey after a break.

Wu previously challenged Peters' record July 2 in scorching 40 degrees Celsius heat but failed when he was some 16 km short of the record. He was admitted to hospital suffering from dehydration.

Wu said his next challenge will be to tour Australia on a skateboard and continue to promote skateboard marathons around the world. In 2004, he completed a 14-day, 1,100-km round-the-island trip on a skateboard and on foot.

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