Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Computer Vision Systems Laboratories Corp. Announces the Appointment of Doctor Francis Arena to Its Scientific Advisory Board

BOCA RATON, Fla., Feb 1, 2012 (GlobeNewswire via COMTEX) -- Computer Vision Systems Laboratories Corp. (CVSL.OB OTCBB) announced today that it has appointed the first of several new members to its Scientific Advisory Board. Doctor Arena is a highly experienced doctor of Oncology, who has a special interest in Breast Cancer, and years of experience with the utilization of the Sentinel BreastScan(TM) in breast oncology.
Doctor Arena was one of the pioneers in exploring Sentinel BreastScan(TM) infrared imaging of the breast and its application in oncology, starting in 1999. He conducted numerous studies in his office involving hundreds of women with and without breast cancer. He also conducted one of the only studies in the use of infrared imaging to monitor neo-adjuvant and adjuvant treatment of breast cancer.
Chief Executive Officer Thomas DiCicco said, "It is with great pleasure I can announce the appointment of Dr. Arena. He brings a wealth of knowledge in the area of medicine that not only deals with detection of breast cancer but also treatment of it. He has years of experience using the Sentinel BreastScan in his practice during many studies that were conducted, and some of his study patients can attribute the identification of occult breast cancer to the Sentinel scan they received at Dr. Arena's practice."
About the Sentinel BreastScan(TM)
The Sentinel BreastScan is an advanced non-invasive infrared breast imaging system used as an adjunctive modality by doctors specializing in breast imaging and breast cancer treatment. Utilizing infrared imaging and proprietary software employing artificial intelligence techniques, Sentinel BreastScan(TM) is designed to be used as an adjunctive test with mammography, ultrasound or clinical examination for the early detection of breast cancer. It is an FDA- 510k cleared, non-invasive touchless procedure offered to women of any age, to help determine current breast health. Test results are immediately available in the form of a fully-interpreted, objective report, to assist in the doctor's determination of breast health.
We also plan to expand the role of our infrared imaging technology, in accordance with our FDA 510k, "indications for use" and devote R&D resources to the detection of skin cancer. Skin cancer has no approved imaging modalities and is detected by visual observation by a dermatologist followed by subsequent biopsy of suspicious lesions. Our early research has shown the ability of our technology to detect certain invisible skin cancers.
About the Maneuverable Guidewire
This guidewire (US Patent 7,141,024 Nov 28, 2006) is unique, easy to use, and intended for use in all PTCA procedures. The maneuverable coiled guidewire is based on the "Buckling" theory in which the tip is bent according to the force applied to it. It is made of a high grade stainless steel PTFE (Teflon) coated coil and a thin wire disposed in it. The distal end of the coil is treated in such a way that when the inner wire is pulled the distal tip buckles and bends accordingly. This feature is designed to allow the doctor to easily maneuver through the most tortuous vessels. CVSL plans to aggressively seek strategic partners through licensing agreements and joint ventures to manufacture and/or distribute the guidewire.
About Computer Vision Systems Laboratories
Computer Vision System Laboratories Corp, is currently traded on the OTC BB and OTCQB under the symbol CVSL. Computer Vision Systems Laboratories Corp, formerly Cardio Vascular Medical Device Corp., is a development-stage company. Computer Vision Systems Laboratories has obtained the worldwide exclusive license for the FDA-cleared Sentinel BreastScan which focuses on early detection of breast cancer. Additionally, the company is focused on licensing, partnering, manufacturing and / or distributing our patented breakthrough maneuverable-coiled guidewire. CVSL will seek strategic partners in the industry with which it will promote its guidewire product. Potential partners include St. Jude Medical, Cordis , a Johnson and Johnson company, Boston Scientific, Coviden, Vascular Solutions. Parties interested in discussing the guidewire, Sentinel Breastscan, or investment opportunities may contact the CEO at

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